5 Ways to Earn Money Online

I am a content creator but I specifically create blog content pieces. Truth be told, I have over 20 different blogs that focus on different niches.

Do you know the reason why I have so many different blogs? That is thanks to affiliate marketing– one of the many things that you can do to start earning money online.

Affiliate marketing’s premise is that you act as a product promoter where you partner up with different companies to help you gain commissions after every sale, lead, or click (depending on the payment model).

A lot of people want to earn money online since they do not want to wake up so early just to get to work (which takes a lot of time, by the way). That is also precisely the reason why I quit my day job in favor of online work. Working from home is definitely something that you want to think about because of the many advantages and opportunities it provides.

So today, I want to delve deeper on some ways you can earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing

This is arguably the best possible way to earn some big bucks over the internet. The basic premise of affiliate marketing is that you sign-up to an affiliate program, after which, you will be given an affiliate link which will be tracked by the vendor or affiliate network.

So long as you give what the merchant wants (they typically want to make a sale), you will get commissions based on that. So for instance, you post the affiliate link on your blog, convince your audience to buy the products that you promote by creating quality content, and whenever they actually buy the things you promote, you will be given a percentage commission for your services.

It may require a lot of upfront work, especially if you are still establishing your own audience base. But, once that is settled, it will be so much easier for you down the road.


Another great way to earn money online, enrolling in some Ad program will help you earn money. The way this works is that you enroll in an ad program and have it connected to your website or blog.

Every time a person sees the ad or someone clicks on it (depending on the ad program), you will be given a small amount of money.

However, there are some programs that would only give you money when you reach a certain threshold. For instance, you will get $100 every time the ad is seen by 1,000 people over a certain period of time.

That is why it is imperative that you have already established a great audience base so that you can get a lot of page views in a short amount of time.


Gone are the days where people would buy paperback books just to find the information they need. Bloggers can turn their attention towards creating ebooks instead because this type of media is so easy to get and it is also quite easy to make as well.

You just have to focus your content depending on the meat of your website. For example, if you provide gaming news to your audience, perhaps writing an ebook on how to get better at certain games can really help.

Membership Sites

Most businesses follow a subscription model where people can subscribe to them and they will be given what they need every month.

As a person who wants to earn money online, you can start your own membership site where you provide valuable information and products to your audience when they sign-up to your cause.

Just make sure that when you do create a membership site that you already have a well-established audience base to make things work the way they should be.

Online Courses

The last way to earn money online effectively is through providing online courses. Online courses are quite popular, especially since they teach people what they want to know.

Although it does require a lot of time to create such courses, I promise you that the money will keep flowing in, simply because of a person’s desire to learn more about what they are passionate about.