Architecture 101

Becoming an architect is not easy. They design structures like malls, schools, stadiums, buildings, commercial establishments and residences. It’s also possible to hire architects to design outdoor spaces. If you want to be a successful architect soon, and work for a top architect firm in Kuala Lumpur, you better start your journey right now. It’s a long, challenging process, but with hard work, you will be there soon.

Architects collect project information to include environmental impact, site selection, building access for disabled people, building codes and zoning laws. They visit different site locations, and make drawings that they need to submit to clients.

How to Become an Architect

An architect must be good in math and science. Since you are designing buildings, art courses are crucial to improve your architecture drawings and sculptures. You can also turn to your computer, and learn the most reliable architecture tools.

Many people earn a degree in architecture, and then get experience through internships. Moreover, architects need to pass a registration exam so they can practice their craft legally.

The tasks of an architect

An architect draws up comprehensive plans for buildings. They develop construction plans that include HVAC systems. At times, architects also take on other tasks like plumbing and landscaping.

It’s important for architects to follow the progress of the project by visiting construction sites. That way, they can ensure that everything is on time, and that the right design is being implemented. They also need to check the quality of work done.