Hottest Home Designs

Follow me Inspiration and imagination of equal parts are decorating. Often looking at design ideas far and wide is just what you need to inspire your imagination and vision, interior design firms like us are here to help Whether you gather ideas for a potential renovation, are searching for minor interior changes, or are underway … [Read more…]

How to Increase Your Architecture Salary: 5 Helpful Tips

Follow me Always think outside the box. Even the most successful architecture firms in Malaysia work hard continuously to streamline their internal processes. It would be helpful to find a piece of architecture software, app or internal system that can help you and your employer solve different problems. This can be a new project management … [Read more…]

Architecture 101

Follow me Becoming an architect is not easy. They design structures like malls, schools, stadiums, buildings, commercial establishments and residences. It’s also possible to hire architects to design outdoor spaces. If you want to be a successful architect soon, and work for a top architect firm in Kuala Lumpur, you better start your journey right … [Read more…]