Hottest Home Designs

Inspiration and imagination of equal parts are decorating. Often looking at design ideas far and wide is just what you need to inspire your imagination and vision, interior design firms like us are here to help Whether you gather ideas for a potential renovation, are searching for minor interior changes, or are underway for a thorough revision, here is a peek at the worldwide developments in the field of architecture.

Plan Kitchens

While open kitchens aren’t fresh in the USA, Trends Report, they have a moment in European markets. “This doesn’t mean a sudden phenomenon, but it gradually changes the way we picture kitchens, and it affects the way kitchens are made.” Kitchens are opening in Europe where spaces are starting to be smaller than dining and sitting rooms— the walls between the two rooms no longer exist. “While the kitchen has been seen as a private space in the past, now we want to have kitchens that we can be proud of and suit a living room,” said Sartori.

Lifestyle shifts have also occurred. “We want to spend time with friends and family, so we don’t want someone in the kitchen alone,” said she. Of this there is a lot of central soil: kitchens can be partially divided by half-walls or by panels. Intelligent solutions, such as cabinets that also work in living rooms, contribute to optimizing space. “For a number of years now, the grand houses in the UK had an attitude up / down,” says Achille Salvagni, architect and designer based in Rome. Also workers cooked food for the family in the kitchen downstairs. But meeting in a drawing room for drinks before going on a dining room “The kitchens pushed several houses down to the basement and the large open-plan kitchens / restaurants became the norm,” says Salvagni. “It allows a hosting family to prepare a dinner, whilst they can socialize with guests.” These kitchens often lead to a garden or terrace, which enables you to use the space. The meals are often used not only for cooking, but also to help children do their housework, to sit down at and read newspapers, play board games, and so forth.

Multi-purpose Furniture

“We see a lot of modern portfolios that can hold a jacket and keys and a umbrella, but also have a mirror,” said WGSN’s lead retail lifestyle editor,. She says that versatile furniture solutions are widely popular. “We see a rise in portable dining tables for those working from home; tables have secret outlets or USB ports so that people can use them throughout the day as workplaces,” she says. “The Houzz is always popular for declutter and smart storage hacks, especially in European countries where apartments tend to be smaller,” says Sartori. There is an additional storage area under the beds, with corner shelves, false ceilings or custom bench beds to store a lot inside. “They do not seem like a closet to these storage solutions. They look like a flat wall structure with almost transparent panels behind it, which have storage space,” says Sartori. As such, the popularity of personalized cabinets grows. It also increases the amount of do – it-yourself hacking and innovative hacking, such as taking a piece and making it your own, or modifying it to make it more useful in your life.

Hackneyed Materials

It is extremely important worldwide to create a home that is safe and comfortable. Velvet remains the choice for upholstery textiles seen from Paris to High Point at furniture trade shows. N.C. and the silhouettes in the interior are gentle, The interior is increasingly popular with furniture and plum fabrics, such as heavy weight knit, flannel, sensation, fur and false fur. The champion of a craftsman, the articles of which have marks of the hand and minor imperfections, bring more human element to the designs, has a return to older textures, time-worn fabrics and the heirloom standard.” There are also an increase in handmade items.

Consumers would like to learn how

“The natural aging and elegant surfaces of noble materials such as bronze or onyx are marble,” says Salvagni. “We have a pattern because people recognize the expertise that needs to take shape in the ways that are valuable; this respect for the specifics is what people are willing to pay for. Such products are flexible, moist and much more desirable than plastics, laminates, etc, “says Salvagni. Wood is a trend not only for flooring, but also for furniture following a Scandinavian trend. “We see that wood is used in almost every part of the house in the bathrooms where it was difficult to imagine a wooden bat a couple of years ago “ Marble is another classic, famous metal, says Sartori. “Marble production is so skilful and developed that, thanks to a lighter and thinner tabletop that better matches contemporary homes, it is possible to use things like coffee tables.

Awareness In Design

The consumer obsession with wellness and spirituality encourages new self-care rituals for the bed and bathroom, We’re seeing sensorial experiences such as scent, color, and sound—once only really found in spas—take on an everyday appeal in the home.” This is playing out with smart lightbulb systems that allow you to create a sensory atmosphere in the home and use different colors for chromatherapy the increase in wellness and attention as a key consumer trend influences young generations, particularly millennials, to move plants home. They’re all over— the shower or the bathtub, hanging overhead — no longer confined to a terrace or windowsill. Plants and even food-producing gardens are a way to make people more happy and compassionate. The plants do not only warm up the house, they also help reduce tension and a healthier living environment.