How Exactly is the Bonus Poker Table Game in Texas Hold’em Played?

One of the many variations of poker that is being implemented in most casinos all over the world (especially in Newtown Casino in Malaysia) is the Texas Hold’em. But, another somewhat mini-version of this game, called the “Texas Hold’Em Bonus Game” has surfaced in some American casinos that are slowly being adopted by casinos in other places as well.

The game simply puts the player against the dealer and the same rules of the original Texas Hold’em applies. This means that the premise of the game would be that the one who has the better 5-card hand at the end of the game wins.

Just like in a typical game of Blackjack, you only have to beat the hand of the dealer and not the other players in the table.

So, how is this game played exactly? Read further to find out.

How to Play

Before the game starts, each player would be required to make an ante wager. In some cases, they will also be given the chance to put some money in the bonus jackpot wager as well.

Each player on the table, as well as the dealer, will be dealt two cards that will be put face down. These are known as the hole cards.

After seeing your cards and you decide to play your hand, you will have to place a bet that is twice the amount of your original ante wager. In other words, if you bet $10 in your original wager, you should put down $20 to complete the play. Should you decide to fold instead, you will lose the original wager that you’ve made before the game started.

Once that is done, the dealer is inclined to put three cards face up at the center of the table. Also known as the Flop, these cards can be used by all of the players to make their final 5-card hand.

After creating your final 5-card hand, the players will be given another opportunity to bet again, but you will have to make the same bet as you did before the game started. So by looking at the previous example, if your original ante wager is $10, you are required to put $10 again to continue playing.

After the previous phase, the fourth community card will be shown and can also be referred to as the “turn”.

At this point, the players can either place another bet or check. Again, the amount of the bet should be the same as the original ante wager. When you arrive at this point, this will be the final point before the final community card will be revealed.

The river, also known as the fifth community card in the game, will be exposed to the players. The dealer will then show their 5-card hand by combining their two initial hole cards with the community cards that are shown on the table.

The dealer will then inspect each player’s hand and will compare it to their own cards. The one who has the better value hand will win the game and is eligible to gain all of the ante wagers put down by the players plus additional bonuses that are stipulated by the dealer prior to the start of every game.