How to Create the Perfect Website Layout: 7 Important Steps

Are you excited to take on another website design project? Whether you are an experienced web designer, or someone who wants to design a website on his own, there are some important steps that you need to follow.

Start developing a top-level framework.

How can you structure your website’s layout properly? Well, you need to create a basic wireframe. In order to establish the look and feel of your pages efficiently, the first thing you need to accomplish is utilize a top-level framework that can solve various design problems.

Add a grid.

A huge, successful website design must always start with a proper grid. A grid can help you structure the foundation and layout of your website. Through this, you can divide it in various sections, and assign screen size requirements.

Choose the best typography for your pages.

Don’t use more than two font styles in your website. Exploring various colors and typefaces are fun, but if you use a lot of styles, people my get confused and overwhelmed. Pick a font that is easy to scan and read.

Define what success means.

This is probably one of the first things you should address before taking on any major step in your project. What is your website’s purpose? What are your expectations and goals?

Share your web designs with your clients early on.

Your clients must know your progress, from the very beginning to the very end. You and your clients must always be on the same page. Remember, every element, feature and page in your website are always for approval.

Tackle the layout first.

It’s true that many designers jump straight to the job even before addressing the problems with regards to layout. This is not good practice. Think about functionality, layout and content first before gradients and drop shadows.