How to Increase Your Architecture Salary: 5 Helpful Tips

Always think outside the box.

Even the most successful architecture firms in Malaysia work hard continuously to streamline their internal processes. It would be helpful to find a piece of architecture software, app or internal system that can help you and your employer solve different problems. This can be a new project management tool, or an eBook that can add further value to your work.

Move to a different firm.

There are tons of ways to increase your architecture salary. You can improve the value of your routine, or negotiate with your employee. If nothing else worked, maybe it’s time to move to a different employer. Just be objective, and make all of your expectations known.

Focus on your regular performance reviews.

In many architecture companies, it can be difficult to communicate the real value you add as an associate. Though, it is crucial to highlight that your company has profited on account of your own performance. You can use this as an opportunity to increase your salary. Regular performance reviews can help monitor your growth and progress over time, and are chances for you to discuss your contribution to the firm.

Earn your license.

As per the Architect Magazine, more and more companies are now rewarding their teams for attaining licensure. As a licensed professional, you can add further value to the firm, and get a higher earning potential compared to that of an unlicensed one.

Acquire other credentials.

Apart from getting your license, you can try to get other credentials like the CDT and LEED certification. This will give you more competitive edge in the market. You can also research on other recognized certification programs that can help you establish your reputation.