Things You Should Consider Before Engaging in Sex

Make it Rock-Solid

You know the only extra weight your body should have to bear in your bedroom is hers – preferably up against a wall wrapped around your waist with her thighs. Apart from getting in the way, a boep will just get you down, in more ways than one. A man with a 100 cm (size 40) waist is 50 per cent more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) than a man with an 80 cm (size 32) waist, according to one Harvard Medical School study.

This is because extra padding not only raises the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes (both major causes of ED), but also messes with your hormones by converting testosterone to oestrogen that produces erection.As well as making your muscles work and regulating your weight, exercise and male enhancement pills also provides strength to your blood vessels-and the higher your blood flow, the stronger your erections.

Cheat Wisely

Here, man, we are talking about your diet. Another food that feeds your erection is dark chocolate–like oats it contains arginine, as well as epicatechins, flavonoids that work to make your arteries dilate. Eat 50 grams a day and, according to a University of California study in San Francisco, you could increase your blood vessel dilation by more than 10 percent. Need to indulge in more temptation? How about the fact that dark chocolate also contains a compound called phenylethylamine, which triggers the brain to release euphoria-inducing endorphins-the same ones caused by sex and falling in love as it turns out. One British research has even shown that chocolate eating can give you more pleasure than kissing. So go on and share with her that decadent, gooey chocolate dessert–we’ve got no doubt that you’re going to work it off by morning.

Know Your Moves

Why? For what? Because you know there’s more to gain from doing yoga than just being surrounded by a room full of women doing the downward dog in yoga pants. Far from being only “for girls” or being in touch with your inner hippie or whatever other stereotypes there may be, this ancient practice has some steamy advantages that are very much rooted in becoming physical. There is, of course, the obvious one, which is increased versatility, not to mention several yoga positions that unexpectedly double as sizzling new sex positions, without clothes.

It’s not all about putting your feet behind your head, though. Meditative relaxation is the subject of a large part of yoga. Sure, better sex can be as simple as breathing-if you do it correctly. You will relax more fully by controlling your breathing; instead of sending blood to your muscles, which is what happens when you are stressed out and in fight or flight mode, your body concentrates the flow to your central body.

Interestingly, several studies have shown that yoga increases blood flow to the arteries. Less blood in the central body plus better blood flow equals… well, let’s just say Downward Dog is likely to be the only one faced downwards.

Use Your Bed Appropriately

Make sure your bed sees as much action as possible to make sure it is also used for its other purpose: sleep. Not clocking in enough Zs can, in many ways, affect how many Os you are getting. Sleeping for less than five hours a night can lower your testosterone levels according to the University of Chicago. We reported in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that this impact could be so severe as to reduce the T levels to those resembling someone 15 years older. German researchers also found that low blood oxygen levels at night, caused by obstructive sleep apnoea, are linked to lower sex drive. If you’re a loud snorer or wake up gasping for air, talk to your doc.

Know What to Do in the Morning

Forget all the flakes they get because they’re boring; oats are Viagra in nature, kind of. Serve your breakfast oats with a spoonful of nut butter and you will not only get a dollop of protein but also a double dose of arginine amino acid. Arginine plays a role in the development of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which is a potent vasodilator, meaning your arginine-amped breakfast functions in much the same biochemical pathways as those little blue pills. Do note that your primary sex hormone is testosterone and its levels are shown to be the first thing in the morning at their highest (yeah, morning wood).

Build Up the Mood

While it doesn’t hurt to be big enough to throw her over your shoulder, to have the power to go for hours, or to be able to show a repertoire of titillating tricks that would embarrass a porn star, there’s a lot more to really please women –and here you can again thank your healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and sleeping well go a long way toward moderating tension, which is one of the biggest killers of libido.

High-intensity training and strength training will also bump up testosterone, which can in effect cause desire rates to soar. Add to that the fact that being safe and in shape just makes you feel good about yourself-let’s-have-sex-with – the-lights-on-and that kind of confidence is sexy for anyone. Researchers have even shown that people who are physically active at regular intervals score their own sexual performance and desirability higher than those who are less so. But yeah, you don’t have to tell us that, ok?

Survive and Last Longer

Having her sprawled naked across your bed should be enough to get your pulse quickened, so if the thought of sex doesn’t get your heart to pound, you’re probably wrong. There’s no question that love-making rank right up there as one of our favorite cardiovascular workouts and you need to pace yourself as you would with any other form of cardio. (Hard to do once more when she’s all spread out like that on your bed.)

Luckily, being in good shape boosts your stamina, meaning you shouldn’t be a sweaty missionary, panting mess for three minutes. But as with any well-rounded workout, you should know that it’s not all about exercise either. You focus on strengthening your arms, back, neck and thighs to evoke more than a few groans (of pleasure, that is) You also know Kegels are not just for girls despite what somebody says.

Strengthening the pelvic floor is the key to getting your sexual stamina supercharged. Studies have shown in a study presented at last year’s European Congress of Urology that pelvic floor exercises can play an important role in helping men who have encountered lifelong issues with premature ejaculation (PE). Within 12 weeks of embarking on a pelvic-floor training program, 33 out of the 40 people in the study had seen a marked improvement, with a fourfold increase in average ejaculation time, from 31.7 seconds to 146.2.

Even if you don’t undergo PE, a good pelvic floor also increases the stiffness of your erections by pulling on a main vein that stops blood from flowing out of your penis. Identify the pelvic floor muscles of the pubococcygeus (PC) by interrupting your mid-flow stream next time you pee. You just used the muscles? Such are they. Practice throughout the day on contracting and calming them at regular intervals, beginning with three sets of 15 reps. Thank you, your girl.