Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Every year, new trends will help shape up whatever industry you’re in. The same can be said in the mobile app development niche where app developers would have to make sure that their application is running with some of the newest standards. Here are some of the top mobile app development trends for 2019:

1. Augmented Reality

One of the most popular applications that make use of Augmented Reality Technology back in the day was Pokemon Go. Released in 2016, the game allows users to make use of their mobile devices to spot and catch Pokemon by combining digital components and placing them in the real world. Although its first real use (and a popular one at that) was in a game, the technology can actually be utilized in the law enforcement and healthcare industries.

2. Mobile Wallets

For a time, we used physical money to pay for the things that we buy. Then, we transitioned to using debit and credit cards, but there is a common denominator in these two mediums- your wallet. If you lose your wallet, you no longer have the means to pay for the things that you want to purchase. Fortunately, there are now digital mobile wallets that allow you to do the same thing, albeit using only your smartphone and nothing else.

3. Biometric Authentication

As on-display fingerprint sensors are becoming mainstream nowadays, app developers can utilize that to put a biometric authentication feature in mobile devices.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, you know that slow-loading websites typically get a much lower ranking than one that loads up instantly. The same principle applies with mobile applications, which is why you need to incorporate Accelerated Mobile Pages to ensure that everything loads smoothly.

5. 5G Technology

In the last quarter of 2018, phones that can support 5G have been released. We can expect more phones that support the newer standard coming in the mass consumer market in the coming years. That means that we can expect more and more robust applications moving forward simply because we will have access to a much faster internet connection.

6. Foldable Displays

There are phones that have high refresh rates and there are also phones that come with pretty impressive SoCs. What is left for manufacturers to do? Well, they can sink their resources in developing phones with foldable displays. App developers can create applications that will utilize the entire screen real estate of such phones- enticing more people to buy such devices.

7. Nearby Networking

Beacons can be used by establishments to help increase customer retention. Beacons are devices that emit Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE that can send radio signals to nearby smartphones, thereby providing them with deals and information that can entice their customers.

8. Robust Mobile App Development Frameworks

There are two prevailing mobile operating systems nowadays and that is Android and iOS. Because these OSes have matured enough, the API and app development frameworks have now been refined making app development so much easier now.